Homework Assignment

Wednesday, September 4 (Day 2)
Parent signature in agendas each day.
Bring a reading book to class each day.

PHE - $10 for RTMS t-shirts
LASS - Read for 20 minutes each day
Math - Show Math Outline to parents
Math - Continue Challenge #1
Science - (Success Criteria for Science)
French - Get a one inch binder and
                  French-English dictionary
LASS - (Ten Things You Should Know About Me)

Reminders - Return the green permission forms and the
                            bottom section from the purple letter.
                     Fees: $15 Student Activity Fee
                                $10 RTMS t-shirt

Tuesday, September 3 (Day 1)
Welcome to RTMS!


The green permission form must be signed in five different places.
Please return this form promptly.

The purple letter to parents must be signed and returned promptly. This letter lists all of the required supplies that you will need to bring to class.

Fees: $15 Student Activity Fee
PHE: RTMS red t-shirt $10 is required.
          RTMS shorts $15 are optional.
          Please give this money to Ms. Angus when you have PHE.

Agendas must be signed each day.